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Top tips to spring clean your home

Is there anything more cathartic than a really thorough clean of your home? Spring is a time for renewal, it breathes fresh life into everything after the cold, dark and sedentary winter months. This is why people traditionally give their home a really good clean at this time of year, bringing renewed vigour to the precious haven we call home. So grab those rubber gloves, fling open your windows and breathe new life into your home with our handy spring cleaning checklist:

Start with a declutter:

Organise your wardrobe – clean out those drawers. Get rid of everything you don’t wear anymore. A handy rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, you probably won’t. Of course you may have some pieces you really don’t want to get rid of that you may even want to pass down to your kids when they’re old enough – pack those away in sealed boxes or vacuum pack bags in the attic. The rest, you can make some extra cash if you fancy taking them to a car boot sale or have an eBay sweep if you have time, or else donate them to your local charity shop. Clean out all the drawers, fold and pack everything neatly away. You could even buy some scented draw liners and use these, or buy or make lavender bags. Do the same with any ornaments and knick-knacks. You can decide if you want to keep them while you are dusting them!


As soon as you clean the windows your house will feel instantly lighter. Vinegar is a natural, cheap and easy way to clean your windows, and is better for the environment. Use one part white vinegar and one part water. If the windows are really grubby then pop a bit of washing up in as well. Buff the clean windows with scrunched up newspaper for extra sparkle.

Fridge and freezer:

Wash the insides with soapy water, take out the trays and wash them. Defrost the freezer.


Chip off any large pieces first. No need to spend money on expensive oven cleaner – sprinkle bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of white vinegar on the bottom, let it bubble up and then wipe away the grime.

Washing machine:

Add two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into the detergent drawer and 125ml of white vinegar into the drum and run on a normal hot wash.


If you can, take your mattress outside for an airing. If this is not possible then strip the bed and leave the mattress to air during the day without the sheets on, then flip it before you put the sheets on. You can also use your trusty bicarbonate of soda to freshen up the mattress – simply sprinkle on, leave for eight hours and then vacuum off.


Wash any removable covers, vacuum around all the corners.


You can either hire a carpet cleaner or get the pros in to do this for you. With rugs you can take them outside to beat and air them.


While you are moving furniture to clean your floors it’s a good opportunity to give a good clean underneath. You might also want to move a few items around – it’s incredible the power this has to make it feel like you’re in a completely new house!

Kitchen and bathroom tiles:

Give that grout a good scrub – again, get your trusty bicarbonate of soda out and mix it with water. If it’s really mouldy then make a thick paste with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar and leave on the grout for 30 minutes.


Take a damp cloth over hard surfaces, for intricate objects and lampshades you can use clean, dry paintbrush.

Retouch chipped paint:

Either with leftovers you have kept or you can buy the tester pots from your local DIY shop.

Don’t forget the garden:

Trim back trees and shrubs, tidy up flower beds, sweep up any leaves, weed the patio. Clean the patio or decking area with a pressure washer. Give decking a fresh coat of protector. Clean your garden furniture – if it’s wood give it an oil.

Set yourself a schedule – you don’t have to do it all in one day – plan what you will do when. Once you’ve done it all, throw open the windows, settle back onto your gloriously clean sofa and relax into your revived home.