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We talk curtains and blinds with Deanna from Dressing Homes

Deanna Francis is an interiors expert who dresses homes, with a particular focus on making bespoke curtains and blinds. With her company, Dressing Homes, she has been working with Instant Home to add those all important finishing touches for several years. Deanna talks to us about her work and her love of creating beautiful homes.

When did you first show an interest in interior design?

“My dad was a builder and was always doing property renovation, we moved a lot when we were children so I got to see a lot of different homes, which I think gave me an eye for what works and what doesn’t. Plus, my mum always had the sewing machine out when I was a kid, so I used to sew a lot and absolutely loved it. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a small flat when I was 18 – it was perfect for me as it needed a lot of work so was a wonderful project for me to get stuck into.”

Then you started doing home staging?

“Yes, it came very naturally to me as I have an eye for simple but striking interiors and I have always been fascinated by colour. I love working with Instant Home dressing show homes, they bring the furniture and I bring the finishing touches. I also really enjoy helping people to sell their homes with home staging – it’s so important as buyers’ first impressions are formed 15 seconds after walking into your house – the details make all the difference.”

And you also offer a bespoke curtain and blind service?

“Yes, this tends to be more of my focus nowadays and feeds into my passion for sewing. If it is for a residential home then I go to the house and meet the client and measure up. I also get a feel of their colour scheme and their personality and go away to create mood boards – it’s a very personal service that is a long way from buying ready made curtains. I look at the artwork in the house, the furniture, the lighting, it all makes an impact on the style and colours that I decide on. I also supplied and fitted wooden Venetian blinds and remote controlled roller blinds for Instant Home’s brand new offices.”

Do you have any advice for people when thinking about curtains and blinds in their home?

“When I talk to clients, we look at the room – is there a particular piece of art that they want to take the colour scheme from, or a key piece of furniture or rug, perhaps even a headboard in the bedroom. If the furniture and décor is fairly neutral in a room, then the curtains offer a real opportunity to personalise a room. This is often the case in rented homes, especially when people are relocating from abroad. Pairing some daring drapes with matching cushions and lampshades can really transform a room and bring it alive, and of course, you can take them with you to your next home as well.”

If you live in Cambridgeshire and would like to speak to Deanna about her home staging and bespoke curtains and blinds service, please get in touch with her here.