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Meet the Team – Owen Charge


Owen Charge

When did you join Instant Home:

October 2018

Job Title:

Warehouse Operative/Delivery Assistant


Delivering, installing and collecting furniture as agreed with the client in a professional and efficient manner. Maintaining a well-stocked, safe and organised warehouse.

What do you enjoy about your job the most:

There are multiple things that I love about my job.  Firstly I love that I get the opportunity to discover and travel to different places all around England, Scotland and Wales.  Another thing it that I am learning new things every day, which opens up my career path and gives me experience to progress in the future.  The last thing I love about my job is the people around me and everyone who works for Instant Home.

Outside Interests:

I really enjoy sport and like playing football and golf and I also enjoy skiing.  I like to follow and watch football, rugby and Formula 1.