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Collaborating with The Property Presenters! Q & A with Amanda and Leigh

Hi Amanda and Leigh of The Property Presenters!  Tell us a little about the property and its location?

A stunning new build detached 3-4-bedroom cottage, set in rural Essex in a quaint village called Little Easton in Dunmow. It had been on the market for approximately a year and the owner said the feed back was that potential buyers weren’t sure how to furnish the property and felt the bedrooms were small.

What was your vision for the property and the look you were hoping to achieve?

Our vision was to present a calming interior that complemented the beautiful exterior landscape. We wanted to concentrate on making the bedrooms look considerably larger and more usable than when they appeared empty, they were in fact a good size. The sloping ceilings made them feel otherwise.

What key pieces of furniture did you decide on and why?

The Mogan sofa’s in blue, as we had decided on a calming blue and green colour scheme. The Lavenham table and chairs as they worked well with the existing interior finishes.

What piece was the most challenging to source and why?

The only challenge we faced was finding a bed with a low headboard that would work in the master bedroom, as the bed had to fit on the wall below two windows and would have looked strange if the headboard blocked the view.

What did you think about the choice of furniture we had available to you?

Instant Home has a really great range of furniture with so many gorgeous pieces that complemented this style of property perfectly!

Were there any items you perhaps needed that we didn’t stock?

There was nothing that we needed for this property that Instant Home didn’t stock.

Tell us about the quality of the furniture you received from Instant Home?

The quality of the furniture we hired from Instant Home was excellent! We were very impressed with the delivery, very professional and all items were wrapped and installed with great care and attention!

Did you face any challenges when staging the property?

The only challenge we faced during the staging was a viewing that had been prearranged. Trying to unpack boxes, make beds and dress the property whilst a viewing was taking place was not something we would like to contend with again.

How did you find our service?

Instant Home’s service is fantastic, right from our first enquiry through to delivery and install. All the staff are very professional, friendly, customer focused and go the extra mile to sort everything for you, even out of hours!

What was the highlight of the project for you?

The highlight of any Staging project for us is always seeing the property once it’s completed, it’s a fantastic feeling especially when the client’s expectations have been surpassed!

Thanks Amanda & Leigh for taking time to answer our questions!

Thank you for all your help! We’re looking forward to working with you on the next project!