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The Renting Revolution

2020 is a time for fresh perspectives as we adjust to a ‘new normal’ — and renting furniture provides just that. With 20 years of experience in quality furniture rental, our innovative approach to furnishing is catching on, with one of the UK’s largest and most successful department stores now trialling the idea in London. This adjustment taps into the ‘next generation of customers’ as renting, recycling and sharing become higher priorities than ownership.

This is no surprise with renting providing a more sustainable alternative to a traditional buying format. Millennials are noted to be the most eco-conscious among us, but with the unprecedented nature of Covid-19, many are reassessing their shopping habits for the first time. The cyclical business model of rental is proven to reduce waste and increase product lifespans, making it a no-brainer for those looking to make greener choices.

Sustainable choices can often be timely and hard to source, furniture rental is the opposite. Providing convenience most notably for short term requirements, for example, short tenancies, university students, interns, ex-pats, and military families. The convenience of delivery, installation and collection is obvious, but with Instant Home you can source the quality contents of your home all in one place. No more waiting in for multiple deliveries or browsing 30 different tabs on your laptop.

Not only does furniture rental save time, but also money. Depending on the duration of your rental plan, you’re more likely to return your rented furniture before ever paying full cost for it. The monthly payments also allow you to spread the cost, proven to be helpful by the success of modern platforms allowing customers to pay in direct debit instalments.

Renting is no longer just for cars and property, as we move away from ownership.  Click here to be a part of the renting revolution!