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8 Top Tips on researching a new area when relocating

When you relocate there is lots to consider and one of the main things that you should allow time to do, before you move, is to research your new area.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 8 top tips on how to research a new area to help you with your big move.

1 – Visit your new location

This may seem obvious (and with some global relocations it will be more of challenge) but if you can, visit your new area and take a walk around the local town, villages and potential neighbourhoods. Just doing this can help you get a real sense of the area, as well as giving you a visual association with your new location.

2 – Get on social

Join local groups on social media and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Generally speaking, people love to help and share their love for the area.

3 – Eat out

This shouldn’t be too much of a challenge!  Go out for a meal or a coffee in your potential new area.  Try and select local independent cafes, restaurants and pubs. You will often find that’s where the locals will be spending their social time and it will give you a really good understanding of the area. Try and be chatty with the staff, you will be surprised what you can learn.

4 – Test your potential commute

Most of us will have some sort of commute, whether that’s by car, bike or walking, make sure that you test it out. If you would be using public transport, then try to use it at the times you would be travelling, to see how busy or reliable it is.

5 – Look at property values

You can do this one from the comfort of your current home.  Spend some time looking at property values and speaking to estate agents to learn the popular areas.  This will not only gauge the areas that you may want to buy or rent in but may also give you good information on local schools and facilities.

6 – Check out the schools in your area

When moving to a new area with children its really important they can settle in easily, so research the schools in the area. Contact and visit those that you are most likely to want your children to attend.

7 – Read local publications

This is something that can be done online, so make sure that you follow the local newspaper on your social channels and keep an eye on the daily news. Another top tip is to take a look at the comments, it’s a good way to gauge responses and thoughts on local issues.

8 – Get a short-term rental

If you’re moving from overseas, then the best option for you could be to rent locally until you settle in and have the time to find a permanent home in the area that you love.  If you are choosing a short-term rental, then renting your furniture is worth considering as it will help you to feel instantly at home, whilst you wait for your container shipment to arrive.

The Instant Home team have been helping families with global moves for over 20 years and truly understand the challenges that this brings. So, if you just want an informal chat with one of our team, they will be happy to talk through the furniture rental process with you.

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