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Using rental furniture to stage your property

Did you know that staging your property can give the following results?

  • According to the 2019 HSA Report UK & Ireland, staged properties in the UK sell 3 times faster than those left unstaged.
  • According to research by rightmove.co.uk staged homes sell for a huge 8% more than non-staged homes.
  • By staging your home potential buyers can visualise their future life in your home, and will therefore stay longer when viewing. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to make you an offer.
  • Working with a professional Home Stager puts you in control of your home sale, gives you expert support and allows you to put your best hand forward.

We know how valuable staging a property can be to help sell your property faster and for a better price. So we caught up with Lorna, from Nesh Home Staging + Interiors, in the beautiful and historic town of Bury St Edmunds to find out a bit more about it.

We had our chat in a property, that she is delighted to report, has sold following a staging project commissioned by the developer.

The developer got in touch with Lorna after the sale of three, almost identical, properties was slower than planned.

They agreed between them to stage one property and following the sale of that property, the furniture and staging would be moved into the next. A very clever way of keeping overheads down whilst also achieving a staggered income as each property sells.

This meant that when we met with Lorna, we were in the unique position to see a before and after. The results are incredible, and we can see how including furniture and soft furnishings achieved the sale that the developer needed.

As we chatted it became clear that the property that we were in has a unique layout, and this is where staging with rental furniture can really come into its own.

By selecting furniture of the right size and shape really helps the potential new homeowner to visualise how living there would work.

For example, some rooms look small, but with the right dining set it shows what can fit into a space which, when empty, may not feel achievable.

Plus, Lorna explains, once furniture is in a room, it can even make a room look bigger.

The other thing that adding furniture can do to a property is to give the space a feeling of warmth and comfort as it helps to remove any echo’s that can make a property feel cold and unwelcoming.

By placing the correct furniture for the correct space, the potential buyer simply sees a complete room, and inspires them to visualise where they might put their furniture.

Lorna further explains that property staging isn’t just about the furniture, it’s also about soft furnishing and staging with items such as food, which really can help the potential buyer visualise living there.

Another advantage of using rental furniture to stage a property is that you can match the style to the property. For example, the one that we’re discussing today is modern and contemporary, which is in Lorna’s mind when she’s planning and selecting items from our range. In another instance it may be an older property so she would select furniture that would be better suited to that.

However, despite it’s proven success, property staging is surprisingly, still not that popular outside of the large developments. We believe that this is because people don’t understand how property staging can not only sell a property quicker, but also often gain a premium price, making your investment in rented furniture well worth it.

If you want to hear our chat in full, click the link to our recent podcast with Lorna of Nesh Home Staging + Interiors